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Plan participants have 90 additional days at the conclusion of a plan year to submit claims for services incurred during that plan year.

Claims received after the final processing of a regular plan year will be processed during the “run out period.”

Frequency of claims processing during the “90 day run out period” is different than the regular schedule followed during the plan year. For example, a plan with 26 disbursal dates during the plan year will have 3 disbursals during the ‘‘run out period’. End of year processing is done once a month at the end of the month.

Following is an example of the differences in the regular and run out processing schedules:

Company A has 26 disbursals during the regular plan year (i.e., calendar year). The final processing period ends with disbursal of checks issued on December 27th. Claims received after December 27th will be processed at the end of January. Reimbursements for claims received after the January end of year processing period are distributed late in February.

The final processing and disbursal of funds in March occurs early in April. Claims received after the 90 day “run out period” will not be processed and any funds unclaimed will be forfeited to the sponsoring employer.


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