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Direct Deposit


Zappa & Associates offers direct deposit for all plan participants.  We have an arrangement with Advantage Payroll Services who assists us with direct deposit for our Flexible Spending Account participants.

To make this service available to your employees, three steps need to be undertaken.

1)     Have any plan participant wishing to set up direct deposit complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form. Click for Directions for Completion of the direct deposit form.

2)     Your organization may need to revise your FSA reimbursement schedule to take advantage of direct deposit.  In a regular twelve month plan year, there will be twenty-four reimbursement dates.  Reimbursement dates will be the 15th and last the day of the month.  One week before each of these dates will be the cutoff dates (i.e., last date for a plan participant to submit claims before the next reimbursement).

3)     There are two fees required  for Direct Deposit.  The first expense, a bi-weekly fee, is picked up by Peter Zappa & Associates.  Second, there is a $2.00 transaction fee for each direct deposit.  This expense may be picked up by either the employer or employee or both might share the cost.


 Please call Peter Zappa at 508-699-1076 to discuss how direct deposit can benefit your organization. 


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