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Flexible Benefits


COMPLETE ADMINISTRATON:  Zappa & Associates offer comprehensive services in our administration of Flexible Benefit Programs, ranging from communication memoranda to 5500 filings.

PLANNING SESSION:  Before undertaking enrollment of employees and the administration of a Flexible Benefits Program, we request a meeting with the client to outline the 125 program, discuss reimbursement alternatives, set up employee meetings, and review other miscellaneous issues.

DESCRIPTIVE LITERATURE:  We provide extensive employee information that introduces the Flexible Spending Program, including custom designed memos, brochures, and illustrations of potential tax savings when participating in the program.

EMPLOYEE MEETINGS:  Most crucial to the successful implementation of a Flexible Spending Account Program are initial group meetings with eligible employees.  We have found that smaller group meetings, e.g., 20 or under,  result in higher participation rates.  Of course, Zappa & Associates will design a meeting schedule to accommodate a client’s individual requirements.

ENROLLMENT:  We provide complete enrollment services including the above mentioned group meetings, educational materials, custom designed enrollment forms, and an 800 number for inquiries.  In addition, we offer online enrollment and educational materials via the INTERNET.

CLAIMS ADMINISTRATION:  Zappa & Associates will receive and process all claims, on a mutually agreed upon schedule with a client.  Generally, we administer and reimburse employee claims on a biweekly schedule, offering a number of reimbursement alternatives for each client’s choosing.  We have recently added Direct Deposit as an option for all our clients.

EMPLOYEE INQUIRIES:   Zappa & Associates have an 800 number available for all plan participant inquiries, and a FAX number, allowing 24 hour claim submission.

 PLAN DOCUMENTATION:  We provide a Plan Document, Summary Plan Description, Adoption Agreement, and Board Resolution that meet IRC Requirements.

DISCRIMINATION TESTING:  Zappa & Associates will provide testing for the various nondiscrimination formulas required per IRC Sections 125 & 129.

REPORTS AND AUDIT TRAILS:  Included in our services are comprehensive reporting facilities including:

1)      A quarterly report for all plan participants with a Flexible Spending Account, providing a year to date update on their account status.  Plan Participants will receive a monthly report during the final quarter of the plan year.

2)      Monthly employer reports include: a) Request form, utilized for transfer of funds for employee reimbursement; b) Transaction Listing which lists all requests for reimbursement; c) Check Register which lists all checks printed, signed and mailed to requestor’s home by Zappa & Associates; d) Employee monthly summary (four to a page) which provides current status of an individual employee’s FSA account; e) Monthly reconciliation report which provides YTD status of all participating employees.

5500 FILING:  At the conclusion of the plan year, Zappa & Associates will complete the required 5500 form and mail to each client (with a mailing envelope addressed to the IRS) for their signature.

FEES:  There are 3 fees applicable for new clients, 2 for ongoing clients.

a)      One time set up fee.

b)      Annual enrollment fee.

c)      $5.00 per month administration fee for each participating employee in the Flexible Benefits Program, (i.e., those who open an FSA account, only).



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